NDIS Support with Candeece Coordination

“Courtney and the amazing service at Candeece Coordination should be the model for best practice support coordination. “

“The service is always focused on what is best for me as an individual and I feel so supported. They have a deep understanding of how to best use my NDIS Plan to ensure I achieve my goals. Without Candeece I wouldn’t have been able to use my NDIS funding to it’s full potential. It’s improved every part of my life and given me a lot more peace of mind. I can‘t thank Courtney enough.”
NDIS Support with Candeece Coordination

“I feel less of a client and more as a member of the Candeece Coordination family.”

“Candeece Coordination is run by an extremely caring and understanding young lady. And with her team at Candeece Coordination, I have found their level of care and support, second to none within the Support Coordination industry.

With the knowledge and ‘know how’ of anything relating to NDIS and any and all Allied Health Care Providers, Candeece Coordination has their clients best interests at the forefront of Support Coordination for every one of their clients.

With all the vast array of services available to an NDIS plan recipient, Candeece Coordination have an ability to give you a complete and open understanding of your NDIS plan so you won’t get lost in the legislative jargon that makes NDIS plans available in the first place. Instead you’ll have a clear understanding of your NDIS plan and how to access and implement the services to you.”

NDIS Support with Candeece Coordination

“Candeece Coordination make me feel like I can do more. I always feel comfortable asking questions about the NDIS and my plan.”

NDIS Support with Candeece Coordination

“Anyone who is fortunate enough to have Courtney Taylor as their support coordinator knows what I’m talking about.”

“It has been a privilege to meet this amazing young woman, she is a very capable, knowledgeable and kind person who helped me sort out all the problems I was having. I had to bring Trent home as he had been living in supported accommodation but was not being looked after properly, she sorted it all out for me and found Trent some wonderful support people to help him at home and out and about in the community, for this I will be forever grateful.

Courtney always has a smile for Trent and includes him in as much as she can with what we do. I for one would have been lost without her being my son’s support coordinator.”